About AiryAi Jewelry

When we attempt to get back to the root meanings of wearing jewelry, it should be actually impressive more than what we can imagine. In the ancient Egypt, from poor farmers to wealthy royals, everyone worn jewelry. No matter the precious gems, metals for the latter or painted clays, ordinary stones, shells for underclass, jewelry is the same object to make people beautiful, grace and special. People who seriously dress themselves always make others believe that they have a solemn attitude upon their lives, regardless what kind of lifestyle and quality they are experiencing.

AiryAi designers pursue an affordable daily wearing jewelry, which can present in various collocation of fashion dressing. We adopt the most appropriate material in a design rather than precious and expensive one. But it doesn't mean we make cheap jewelry, we put the value mostly into the design and producing arts. As we select the material from semi-precious stone, high polished stainless steel, brass and sterling silver, we make the finished item with a serious quality manner which may be beyond the customer's expectation and inferior to precious jewelry.