Asymmetric Dangle Earrings Pearl on Big Ring Exaggerate Spiraling Spring Ends Pearl


  • Ingenious Design An asymmetric designed earrings, one is a round disc stud with a pearl stands on big ring, the other is a hoop earring dangled with a spiral spring which has a pearl on the end
  • Artist Picked Pearls The pearls are hand picked from a heap of imitation pearls, to keep them in almost the same size, perfectly roundness and glossiness; the smaller pearl on the ring is 12mm and the other one on the end of spring is 16mm
  • Craft Quality The metal parts are fully hand polished and plated with 20K gold, which looks elegant
  • Awareness of Allergies This pair of earrings is made of brass plated with gold, and the hooks are made of surgical steel which keeps the earrings mostly from allergies, works for most types of skin and suitable for all ages
  • Gift Box Package includes one pair of earrings placing nicely in the delicate jewelry box. Save your time to wrap the package while sending it as a gift for her. Dress your lady up with the fine adorable AiryAi Earrings

Details: The gold-tone metallic asymmetric earrings stud and hoop with dangling pearl decor ring and spiral spring.

The left one: Total Length: 55mm Ring: 28mm diameter Stud disc: 10mm diameter Pearl: 12mm diameter

The right one: Total Length: 80mm Hoop: 18mm diameter Pearl: 16mm


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